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The Batec Mini – your new travel necessity

The little big Batec

We all know how life-changing and perfect the Batec range of handbikes are, so how do you make something that is already perfect, that little bit better? The new Batec Mini will answer that question!

With the features that make the Batec electric great – the amazing click-and-go element, making it easy to go from a manual to an electric scooter in seconds, 20 km/h speed, front and back lights for night time riding – the Batec Mini also introduces a 16″ wheel, making it smaller and more compact to travel with, a reverse gear, an all-in-one LCD display panel, a horn and it comes with the 280-wh travel battery (in line with IATA flight regulations) as standard – what’s not to like?!

Lighter, more compact, smaller; all these factors make the new Batec Mini a must-have when travelling. Struggle to get over the Spanish cobbles? Up the Scottish mountains? On the beach with the family? Look no further than the Batec Mini!

The revolutionary click-and-go feature of the Batec lets you disconnect in less time that takes a person without any disability to get on or off a cycle or motorbike. Even users with very severe injuries can attach and detach our handbikes from their wheelchairs without help.

The Batec Mini comes in a Quad version for tetraplegics or those with limited hand function.

We are offering the first 20 sold at a discounted rate! So enquire now to get your hands on the new Batec Mini.

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