How Can I Fund FES

Where Can I Gain the Resources to Enable Me to Cycle at Home.

At Cyclone we know that gaining funding for essential mobility and therapy equipment can be difficult, so to gain access to channels that can provide you with this vital funding we are creating a department to direct and support you.

We have also created a funding pack to enable you to start the ball rolling. If you wish us to assist you with your application click the online enquiry form we can then get the ball rolling.

This funding guide is designed for use for clients wishing to support an application for funding an FES Cycle. In the documents we have aimed to summarise the importance for someone with paralysis to maintain activity in paralysed limbs and the health benefits that come out of doing so. The guide is not specific to any funding source, although it is accepted now that clients with a spinal cord injury pursuing a medico legal application for funding either through the rehabilitation code, as an interim payment or as part of a final litigation payment are almost guaranteed to get funding.

We question why should FES exercise be limited to those that are supported through insurance claims, who's case managers are pro active and making sure that they are progressing to the best of their ability post injury.

Funding has been gained in many ways by our clients in the UK, some clients have been raising funds personally to buy RT300 FES cycles and others have successfully had charities provide funding towards the total costs. Also some clients have successfully had funding provided by their health authority however due to financial pressures of the national health system funding from this source is only be granted if you can demonstrate that there is a significant health benefit from using FES cycling over other traditional therapies, it's no longer acceptable just to say quality of life can be improved, significant factors such as potential return to work or major health reasons (increased bone density, prevention of pressure ulcers, prevention of diabetes etc.) 

The documents in our guide will assist your application for funding whether it is charity, health trust or insurance based funding. Areas of funding that have been successful for many clients have been around either their or relatives professions as many companies donate funds to a worthy cause and FES Cycling for your fitness is a very worthy cause, other large companies have benevolent funds associated to the type of profession they are predominentally involved in.

If you choose to ask your health authority for funding it is critical that you understand that they do not want to

(i) individually fund equipment solely for your benefit unless there is a direct cost benefit in doing this,

(ii) increase their costs to providing your health care,

(iii) do the groundwork for you,this is where we can help and provide you with some of the key reasons why people have been granted assistance in the past.

(a) potential reduction in drug therapy,

(b) increase in bone density

(c) reduce the risk of pressure ulcers,

(d) prevention of ongoing re-admittance into hospital

(e) continuation of therapy received in hospital.

The above paragraph is not an exhaustive list and may not apply direct to you, what is clear is that you should understand why you need to use FES exercise and apply those reasons to your argument for funding. It may be general overall core fitness, or it could be reduction in spasm, or if you have an incomplete injury it could be increased function to prevent full time use of a wheelchair. Remember everyone is different but it is also true that everyone with any degree of paralysis will benefit from FES exercise, so what are your specific goals, identify and use them.

Contained in our pack are.

1) Letter of Medical Necessity (template document needs completing with personal details)

2) Supporting Evidence for FES Cycling

3) Rehabilitation Code (A guidance document to provide early intervention rehabilitation)

4) List of Reference documents (separated into type of benefit)

5) Overview of Support contract (detailed analysis of optional program)

6) Chartered Therapist Program (A unique UK based Cyclone program)

7) Patient improvement slides (to show how important monitoring is)

8) Therapy centre study (many more studies are available for specific conditions)