The RT200 is the UK’s first and only system to allow users to exercise both their arms and legs simultaneously, which is known as ‘hybrid’ FES therapy.

Hybrid therapy is incredibly beneficial due to the cardiovascular activity achieved by exercising the whole body, as opposed to the legs or arms alone.

The RT200 is used by sitting in a dedicated seat whilst you’re secured by a three point harness. Your feet are secured to the footplates whilst you use your hands to grip the machine – a position that provides you with effective and targeted hybrid FES therapy.

The RT200 uses a SAGE smart stimulation system which allows users to exercise up to ten individual muscle groups including the arms, legs, core abdominal and erector spinal muscles.

In most circumstances, users will gradually build up to doing one hour sessions every day. However, all treatment is personal, and the programme will develop according to your needs. Your clinician will prescribe the usage and frequency of the treatment which is appropriate for you.