The RT600 is the world’s only system to combine gait training with weight bearing exercise and Functional Electrical Stimulation.


To stand in the RT600, users move the crank arm into the centre standing position. This brings the two footplates side by side to allow you to comfortably stand. Whilst standing, FES is delivered to up to ten muscles in your legs and gluteals so that you can maintain a standing position using your own muscle power.

This allows you to bear your body weight through your legs and onto the RT600′s footplates. The FES is automatically adjusted to help use your muscle contractions to enhance local blood circulation during the standing session.


The RT600 allows you to take up to 40 steps per minute. Your clinician will set the right step length for you (12, 15 or 18″) and a target amount of body weight for your muscles to bear. FES is applied to your legs and gluteals in a pattern that evokes muscle contractions at the appropriate times during each step. The goal is to build up the amount of body weight that your muscles can bear as you progress with the therapy.