The LSR combines design with outstanding functionality. A well as a stand-up function the LSR also offers a relax function using an electric motor. The LSR is ergonomically- friendly and made of innovative, lightweight material. The ability to stand with the LSR also offers many medical benefits. Besides improved control of the muscles, stronger bones and improved blood circulation it can prevent bedsores, and there is of course a socio-psychological advantage in being able to communicate at eye level with other people. With the LSR you can easily take part in day-to-day activities with family, friends and colleagues. Comfort and independence at the flick of a switch!

Technical Specifications

  • Frame

    Total length when seated: 94 – 106 cm

    Total length standing: 99 – 111 cm

    Total width:  0° camber 580 – 700 mm

    Total weight incl. batteries: 30 kg

    Maximum user weight: 120 kg

  • Backrest

    Backrest height: 32 – 40 – 52 cm

  • Seat

    Seat height: 51 cm

    Seat depth: 41 – 55 cm

Standard Equipment Specifications

  • Safety Lock

    Central safety lock prevents accidental opening.

  • Footrest

    Fully Adjustable footplate

  • Armrest

    Multi-Directional Armrests


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