Idra 2.0

Idra 2.0

If you are an active user looking for a fun, light wheelchair, then the Idra 2.0 is perfect for you! With its aluminium rigid frame, the Idra is both sleek yet aggressive in design. The numerous adjustments which can be made, and the range of accessories which can be fitted, make this wheelchair extremely versatile. The Idra 2.0 is also available with a detachable footrest, which is extremely easy to do and very user friendly. Make your Idra 2.0 stand out from the rest with the broad range of colours available – show off your personality and style with your new Idra 2.0 wheelchair!

Technical Specifications

  • Frame

    Aluminium rigid frame

  • Backrest

    Tilt adjustable and collapsible backrest

    27-29cm, 31-33cm or 35-37cm

  • Seat

    36cm, 38cm, 40cm or 42cm

Standard Equipment Specifications

  • Footrest

    Available with an easily detachable footrest.

  • Range

    Broad range of setup options and frame colours.

  • Brakes

    Standard or foldaway brakes

  • Axle

    Fixed or adjustable axle

  • Sideguards

    Carbon fibre clothes guards


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