An all-terrain wheelchair designed for ski slopes!

Take a chair lift, a ski lift or a cable car with the HANDS all-terrain wheelchair and ride down the paths and the slopes of your favourite ski resort! Unique, exclusive EASY UP technology allows persons with reduced mobility o take all types of ski lifts on their own. The back wheels fold up in three simple steps and you are ready to take the ski lift.

The HANDS is easy to get to know and you will soon feel confident enough to relax and enjoy new sensations.

Technical Specifications

  • Frame

    7020 Aluminium thermo-lacquered alloy frame
    Total weight: 58 kg

  • Dimensions

    Length: 161cm
    Width: 89cm
    Height: 95 cm

  • Driver Height

    from 1.25 m upwards (4′ 1″)

  • Wheels

    Two Ø24” rear wheels
    Two Ø20” front wheels
    Tyre sealant in all of the tyres

  • Seat

    Height: 40 cm (15¾”)

Standard Equipment Specifications

  • Folding back wheels

    HANDS back wheels fold away easily for access to the ski lift.

  • Comfort

    4 adjustable shock absorbers

  • Brakes

    Hydraulic disc brakes

  • Handlebar

    Adjustable handlebar stem, from 0 to 60° angle

  • Ground Clearence

    22 cm (8½”)


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