Claire Lomas

We’d like to congratulate Claire Lomas for her epic effort to complete the Virgin London Marathon and raise a fantastic amount of money for Spinal Research.

We’ve been pleased to support Claire since her first ReWalk training session on 23rd January 2012 at our purpose-built Cyclone Plus rehabilitation and training facility in East Yorkshire.

Claire is the first UK ReWalk user and the first person to take home her own personal ReWalk™ system for everyday use. When we met she was unable to walk unaided following a catastrophic equestrian eventing accident in 2007 that resulted in a T4 spinal cord injury, which means she is paralysed from the chest down.

Although ReWalk™ has enabled Claire to take part in the London Marathon, there is no doubt that it is her determination and courage that has helped her cover the 26 miles to reach the finishing line.

Larry Jasinski, CEO of ARGO Medical Technologies, the company that manufacturers ReWalk™, flew in from Israel to congratulate Claire at the finishing line, together with founder Stuart Dunne and Dave Hawkins, Managing Director of Cyclone Technologies.

We also applaud Sir Richard Branson for his decision to present Claire with the Virgin Trophy for 2012, which ‘recognises men and women who go that extra mile, who challenge themselves beyond normal human limitations’.

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