What our customers say about us

Claire Nelson (MS patient):

"Not only has FES therapy built up strength in my legs, it has given me a new level of independence which is so important to me psychologically, as well as practically, as I live alone. It has really helped to improve my gait and posture, plus I no longer use a wheelchair in the house which is fantastic. The therapy has made such a positive difference in my life, and the support from the Cyclone team has been overwhelming."

Christine Hanson (MS and Cerebral Palsy patient):

"Through regular use of the RT300 FES cycle, I’ve regained a lot of strength in my legs and I’ve been able to cycle further each time. My stamina has also improved and I can now walk independently in the house, without touching the walls and furniture to get around.  As I’m in less pain, I don’t need to keep stopping when I walk around town with my rotator and my spasms have all but disappeared. I’m therefore able to get a better night’s sleep, reducing my daytime fatigue. FES has completely changed my life and the level of service from Cyclone has been exceptional."

Andy Trollope (Paraplegic):

"I tried the RT300 when going through rehab at Stoke Mandeville. It was perfect for what I needed. It stimulates the lower motor neurons and evokes patterned movement of the arms and legs. I could actually see my quads getting fired up again. Now, I’m more than happy to don my shorts! It is an amazing piece of equipment and the team at Cyclone are fantastic! Stuart watches my progress on-line and always lets me know how to get the best out of my RT200. They provide a great service."

Lorraine Mack (Tetraplegic):

"FES is a huge part of my life, and significantly improves my general health and well-being, keeping me fit and preparing me for when a cure comes along. I’m extremely grateful to Stuart and the team at Cyclone, who have continued to provide me with their on-going support over the past seven years and are always ready to help me with any problems."

Phil Friend:

"Fabulous time as a tourist in Florence. Famous for its museums and galleries as well as terrible pavements and potholes in the roads. No problem for the Batec! So convenient comfortable and manoeuvrable! Attracted a lot of interest with the most common comment, "That is so cool""

Ian Hosking (Paraplegic):

I was introduced to FES and the RT300 by Cyclone in 2008 and could feel the effects right from the very first work out! After trialling the RT200, I knew it was the ideal piece of equipment for me, as it enabled me to exercise my legs and arms simultaneously, delivering an even more intense workout than the RT300. Cyclone has been a source of constant support and the team are always on hand to help me progress.

Sophie Carrigill (Paraplegic):

My first experience of the RT300 was during a physical therapy session following my accident and I quickly began undergoing FES on a frequent basis. Over the months, I began to notice a significant improvement in my muscle tone and found that using the RT300 also offered short-term relief from muscle spasms. The Cyclone team were extremely helpful in assisting me to select the right piece of equipment for my own personal use and regular sessions on my RT200 have improved my overall fitness no end.

Gary Barton:

"Cyclone from when I first spoke with them 18 months ago to today when I have collected my Batec have been 2nd to none. They supplied my new mustang chair 2 months ago and after using an NHS chair for 2 years has given me complete freedom. Cost wise then you get what you pay for, cheaper products won't give you the same and there will always be a reason why they are cheaper. I look forward to long term freedom my chair and Batec will bring"

Sarah Orr (Paraplegic):

For me, the RT200 provides a long-term solution for maintaining my active and healthy lifestyle. Its hybrid design offers a complete body workout which has helped to reverse my muscle wastage, improve my circulation and reduce the number of spasms I experience. It’s without a doubt one of the best investments I’ve ever made and I really appreciate Cyclone supplying these FES systems in the UK.

Graham Daniels:

"I've had my Batec Electric since Dec 2014 and frequently travel to Spain and I've covered well in excess of 1000 miles in a year. Whenever I have had problems, the response has been exemplary, even sending parts to Spain to repair baggage handler's damage."

Stephen Burns (Paraplegic):

"I recently bought a Batec Hybrid hand cycle from Cyclone and I can't begin to tell you the fun, yes the fun I get out of using this hand cycle. The speed you can get up to didn't just amaze me but also family members who were trying to keep up with me. The main reason I bought it was to improve my fitness but also to protect my shoulder. Being a paraplegic of 30 years and a few years ago I had shoulder surgery I wanted to protect my shoulders and this piece of equipment came along at the right time. I not only got a great service from Stu, I know that I am going to get many hours of enjoyment and I can't wait for the spring and summer to come along as I have a fantastic coast line to cycle along. 

Thank you Cyclone for giving me many hours of fun, family time and exercise"

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