Since the lock-down started, we have been working hard to ensure that our life-changing mobility and rehabilitation products are still available to those who need them most.

We are now in a position to return to work in a way that is safe for both you, or customers, and our colleagues. After conducting extensive research, we have put the following procedures in place to allow us to carry out product demonstrations and deliveries in a way that is reassuringly safe for everyone involved.

Return to Product Deliveries

As of the 8th June, we have returned to routine product deliveries.

Based on the feedback collected above and the feedback from our colleagues, the following action has been taken to ensure that deliveries are as safe as possible for both parties.

  1. All deliveries will be carried out by the Cyclone Mobility team. This way we can control the quality and safety of all deliveries.
  2. Delivery drivers will wear protective face masks.
  3. Delivery drivers will wear disposable, single-use gloves.
  4. Where possible, deliveries will be contact-free. Drivers will leave products in an agreed ‘safe place’ and call the customer once they have returned to the vehicle.
  5. Where contact-free delivery is not an option, social distancing of two-metres will be strictly enforced.
  6. Customers will be invited to complete a post-delivery questionnaire to assist us with our constant improvement.

Return to Product Demonstrations

Due to the varied nature of our products, each demonstration will be slightly different from the next. We have created guidelines for how we will safely demonstrate each of our product lines. When an enquiry is made, the customer will be made aware of the relevant procedures. The commonalities between all of the product demonstrations are as follows:

  1. All customers will be asked to complete a pre-demonstration questionnaire. This will help us to understand the needs and requirements of each demonstration whilst also keeping our colleagues safe.
  2. All mobility advisers will wear protective face masks.
  3. Where possible, all colleagues will wear single-use gloves.
  4. Where this is not possible due to limited hand-function, colleagues will routinely use anti-bacterial handwash before, during and after each demonstration.
  5. All equipment will be wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes prior to and after each demonstration.

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