Jane Sargeant Case Study

“I’m me again. I’m very happy and life is pretty good!”

Jane Sargeant was born with Spina Bifida Occulta – a very mild form of Spina Bifida. Despite this, she was always fully mobile, until an MRI scan at 19 confirmed that her spinal cord was tethered down at the base of her spine by a Lipoma (lump of fat). This is very common in Spina Bifida Occulta. Because of this, Jane started to get numbness and tingling in her right leg, which worsened as she got older. In May 2012, she decided to have an operation to un-tether her Spinal Cord in the hope it would prevent her symptoms from worsening. The operation was successful; it un-tethered 95% of her spinal cord. However, due to the swelling and complexity of the operation, she was unable to move her legs and feet when she woke up.


“My legs are improving but it’s a slow progress. I can no walk short distances with a rollator, but mainly around the house now as the effort for any longer distance is too great”

Towards the end of 2017, everything seems to fall into place for Jane, and she was accepting her new body and how her life had changed. She had finally felt peace with herself, and realised that life wasn’t about walking it, it was about cracking on with it.

Cyclone team in delemere forrest

Finding Cyclone

Jane wanted to start improving her wheelchair skills, so got in touch with Stuart Wheeler who runs Freedom Wheelchair Skills, peer-led teaching of everyday skills and techniques to get the most out of life while using a wheelchair. Stuart informed her about Cyclone as he felt we would be able to assist and advise her well about her new purchases.

“I contacted Cyclone and met with Stuart Dunne and Carl Hird and due to their knowledge and professionalism I chose my new chair.”

Whilst at Cyclone, Stuart and Carl also shown Jane the Batec, and as soon as she tried it out, she knew she had to have one.

“I quickly realised this would make mine and my husband’s’ world a whole lot bigger than I was already trying to make it.”

Jane and Cyclone ride Batec's and Quadrix around Delemere Forrest

Life changing purchases

Jane purchased the Offcarr EOS3 wheelchair with the extra off-road wheels paired perfectly with the Batec Electric handbike.

“My chair is tiny, inconspicuous and fits like a glove and looks great (if I may say so myself)!  It’s so lightweight and getting it in and out of my car when I am shattered is no hassle whatsoever.”

She explained how the Batec has truly opened her horizons and made her and her family’s world so much bigger.

“The Batec is just a super, effortless, cool, speed demon that allows me to feel the wind in my hair and go any distance I desire.  It gives me that independence where I can wander locally without having to use the car the car or taxi (if going to local pub).  I can go off-roading with it and walk the dog, and the new plans my husband and I now have are bloomin’ exciting!”

Jane walks her dog up Moel Famou with Batec Electric

World made much bigger

Jane has lots of plans with her new found mobility. She plans on going back to Rome and wandering the back streets, getting back up Moel Famau, trekking the Welsh coastal paths to name just a few.

“Wherever my husband and I go on our travels, I can be prepared for any terrain and distance, so I/we don’t miss out on anything, anymore.”

Accepting herself was one massive piece of the jigsaw, but she now feels that with her new wheelchair, she feels empowered and even more so when paired with her brand new Batec Electric.

“I feel very much complete, something I haven’t felt for 6 years. I’m me again. I’m very happy and life is pretty good! Thanks everyone at Cyclone for your advice, friendliness and patience.”

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