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GTM Endeavour

The GTM Endeavour wheelchair is a unique combination of lightweight, durable, and bespoke – It’s perfect!

The Aria 1.0 is a 100% manually assembled product. Its fold-able backrest and rigid magnesium alloy frame, make it ideal for active users

Aria 1.0

Arguably the most stylish chair on the market, the Aria 1.0 is lightweight and modern.

from £6,000

GTM Mustang is an entry level, tailor-made wheelchair that oozes style and stability. It is expertly designed to guarantee comfort, style and functionality

GTM Mustang

A lightweight and durable wheelchair with adjustability – ideal for new users.

from £2,195

Cyclone are committed to providing the finest solutions for you and believe the GTM Jaguar, an ultra-lightweight and durable, aluminium Wheelchair, is a highly desirable, world class quality wheelchair

GTM Jaguar

An ultra-light wheelchair that is strong, reliable, and durable. Ideal for active users.

from £3,895

Offcarr EOS is an elegant, sleek and ultra-lightweight titanium wheelchair from the worldwide renowned Italian company, Offcarr.

Offcarr EOS

Stylish and modern design with either a fixed or adjustable frame.

from £2,595


Batec Scrambler

Do more than you ever thought possible with the Batec Scrambler. Designed for off-road riding, the Scrambler is perfectly happy gliding over a wide range of different terrain.

Batec Mini 2

Incredible Batec performance, just smaller with an intelligent folding system.

from £4,695

White Batec Electric

Batec Electric 2

An update on the original Batec Electric, this Batec is a real all-rounder.

from £5,695

The Batec Hybrid add-on handbike, brings together the technology of the Batec Electric and the Batec Manual handbikes, to offer the equivalent of an electrically assisted bike.

Batec Hybrid

Looking for a gentle workout? The Batec Hybrid is right down your street.

from £5,795

Batec Rapid 2

If speed is your thing, you will definitely want a Batec Rapid with its 30km/h capability.

from £5,695

“We’re challenging the norms when it comes to disability. We have the unique combination of expertise, personal experience and market-leading products to help you return to active living”

Cyclone Mobility MD Stuart Dunne, Stuart's story, Mobility equipment and rehabilitation equipment suppliers

With the right wheelchair, we can go where we want, and be what we want and our disabilities can be surpassed. This is how I feel when I’m in my Aria. It is like no other wheelchair on the planet.

Sophie Morgan

Cyclone’s service is absolutely second-to-none. Their ethos is about getting you out and about as quick as they can – it’s fantastic. I fully recommend Cyclone and Batec as it’s changed my life.

Peter Lau

For the first time in a long while I felt fully independent. I don’t think I stopped smiling until 2 days later. The Batec has changed the way I work completely.

Mark Lane


Batec – The ultimate commuting companion

Batec – The ultimate commuting companion

Batec – The ultimate commuting companion For wheelchair users, commuting to and from work can sometimes be a challenging and daunting experience. With the help of a Batec wheelchair electrical attachment, this doesn’t need to be the case as they can provide plenty of...

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Batec Scrambler – The legend is reborn.

Batec Scrambler – The legend is reborn.

[grwebform url="https://app.getresponse.com/view_webform_v2.js?u=zZ4xV&webforms_id=18433203" css="on" center="off" center_margin="200"/] In the early days of motorcycling, particularly in the late 1920s in Britain, riders enjoyed racing from check point to check...

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