The Aria 1.0 is a 100% manually assembled product. Its foldable backrest and rigid magnesium alloy frame, make it ideal for active users.

Aria 1.0 Wheelchair

Save £2,000 on a stunning new Aria 1.0 wheelchair

Was: £6,000

Now: £4,000

Widely regarded as the nicest looking wheelchair on the UK-market, the Aria 1.0 is the go-to wheelchair for the discerning user who wants to stand out from the crowd in a chair that is as stylish as it is functional.

GTM Mustang side view of blue framed wheelchair

GTM Mustang

25% off a brand new GTM Mustang wheelchair

The GTM Mustang oozes style and stability; it’s the perfect entry-level, tailor-made wheelchair. The all-purpose design is perfect for users with a busy, active lifestyle, for professional use and for those keen on sports.

The GTM Endeavour is stylish, robust and lightweight. With a Cantilever style frame made of high quality 7020 aviation aluminium, the Endeavour is built to perfection

GTM Endeavour

25% off a brand new GTM Endeavour wheelchair

Our most popular wheelchair, the GTM Endeavour, is also the wheelchair of choice for Cyclone MD, Stuart. Lightweight, durable and completely bespoke, the GTM Endeavour is the ideal chair for an experienced active-wheelchair user.

Quadrix WATTS All-terrain electric wheelchair is fast, fun and exciting. Discover the thrill of the ride with this popular Quadrix model

Quadrix Off-Road Wheelchairs

Up to £2,699 off a brand new Quadrix Off-Road Wheelchair

The ultimate in off-road fun, the Quadrix is a fast, fun and safe way to take your adventures off-road. Whether you’re looking for out-and-out electric pace or something a bit more leisurely, we have an option for you.

Red Batec Electric

Save £1,495 on a brand new Batec Electric

Was: £4,995 + fittings

Now: £3,500 including fittings

The Batec Electric is a unique solution that will revolutionise your mobility outdoors. By attaching the Batec to your wheelchair, with a simple click and go mechanism, you get that extra power boost whenever you need it; it’s the definitive mobility tool.

Batec Rapid

30% off a brand new Batec Rapid

Was: £5,695 + fittings

Now: £4,202 including fittings

With a top speed of 30km/h, the Batec Rapid is fast, fun and stands out from the crowd.

As the name suggests, this model is designed for experienced users who love speed and demand maximum performance from their Batec.

Batec Scrambler

Save £795 on a brand new Batec Scrambler

Was: £6,795

Now: £6,000

The most off-road Batec yet. With a top speed of 28km/h and available in olive green matte colour, the Batec Scrambler is fast, fun and stands out from the crowd.


SmartDrive with PushTracker E2

£1,000 off the brand new SmartDrive with PushTracker E2

Was: £4,795

Now: £4,075

SmartDrive empowers your active lifestyle. It supplements the energy that you would normally have to use. With one button, tap or gesture, get the extra boost when and where you need it.

GYM min

Equalizer 6000 Multi-Gym

£1,500 off a brand new Equalizer 6000

Was: £6,000

Now: £4,500 including delivery and installation

Specifically designed for wheelchair-users, the Equalizer 6000 can provide the ultimate upper-body workout. 

The RT300 family of FES cycles for neuro rehab, is suitable for a wide range of patients. It’s the only technology with FES cycling for arms and legs, as well as providing trunk stimulation.

FES Equipment

15% off all FES bikes + free silver support + free delivery on all orders


** SOLD OUT** Fat Wheels Off-Road Wheels

Less than half price!

Was: £595

Now: £200

Designed as a direct swap for standard 24″ wheels for when the terrain gets extreme!

Mountain Bike Wheels

Save £121 on a set of brand new MTB wheels

Was: £420

Now: £299

Designed as a direct swap for standard 24″ wheels when the terrain gets tricky. Built on a 507mm rim with an offset hub to space away from the chairside, allows for easy fitting and no adjustment of brakes.

The Batec mobility 280 Wh battery for handbikes complies with IATA regulations for air transport. With the certification to fly, you can take it in the aircraft cabin

Batec Travel Battery (280W/h)

Save £265 on a Batec Travel Battery

Was: £565

Now: £300


The Batec mobility 522 Wh battery can be purchased for handbike use. Although the same physical size as the 280 Wh standard battery, the 522 Wh will give you more distance per charge

** SOLD OUT ** Batec 522 Battery (522W/h)

Save £355 on a Batec 522 Battery

Was: £855

Now: £500

Discover the range of Batec accessories - front backpack, rucksack available, to equip your Batec Handbike and electric attachments

** SOLD OUT ** Batec Front Rucksack and Carrier

Save £94 on the Batec front rucksack and carrier

Was: £219

Now: £125

BBraver’s focus on ergonomic design and innovative functionality, has resulted in a handrim that delivers superior handhold, consistent grip and optimal comfort

B-Braver Pushrims

Less than half price

Was: £450

Now: £200

24″ white pushrims

25″ black pushrims

25″ white pushrims

26″ black pushrims

Wheelchair Rucksack

75% off the perfect wheelchair rucksack

Was: £40

Now: £10

Designed to fit perfectly on the back of a wheelchair and featuring large loop handles making it ideal for those with limited hand function.

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