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FES Cycling For Arms and Legs

The RT300-SLSA provides FES cycling for arms and legs. This is a very flexible device that is used by leading clinics across a wide range of patient indications. It enables leg and arm cycling from a wheelchair without the need to transfer, or it can be used from a chair, plinth or balance ball.

Muscle selection

  • Upper extremity & shoulder – based on an individual presentation for arm cycling you can select from: shoulder & scabula stabilisation,  biceps, triceps, anterior deltoid, posterior deltoid, grasp or wrist extensors/release
  • Lower extremity – based on an individual presentation for leg cycling you can select from quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals, gastrocnemius and tibialis anterior.
  • Trunk – for core strength and stability you can also select abdominal and back muscle groups (e.g erector spinae)
Condition: Very good

Was: £22,995

Now: £12,500

RT 300 SL

FES Cycling for Legs

The RT300-SL provides FES cycling for legs. It is a compact and portable system that is easy to set up and convenient to use for wheelchair users as no transfer is required. Other features include:

  • Height adjustable platform facilitates correct ergonomic setup
  • Adjustable calf supports to secure the legs while the feet are placed in the footrests
  • Wheelchair restraints hold the wheelchair securely in position during therapy sessions
Condition: Very good

Was: £15,995

Now: £7,500

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