Offcarr wheelchair

A wheelchair is no longer just a functional way of getting around. Modern wheelchairs are all about improving their user’s quality of life in a way that reflects their originality and desire for independence. This evolving requirement has led to an increase in the number of hand-crafted designs built with high quality and lightweight materials.

Offcarr, founded in 1982 in Italy, is a perfect example of this innovation. Their combination of research, use of advanced materials and high quality-standards has resulted in a market-leading range of versatile and orthopaedic products that have achieved world-wide recognition.

Help to improve everyday quality of life

Their customer-tailored approach coupled with new research and design techniques ensures that specific and demanding user needs can be met. Offcarr is proud to be playing a part in turning the wheelchair from a functional aid, into an expression of the user’s personality which will help improve everyday quality of life.

As their sole UK partner, Cyclone Mobility has been providing Offcarr’s ultralightweight range of wheelchairs for many years. This includes

All Offcarr wheelchairs can be specified in a wide variety of colours as well as having many accessories available, such as wheel choices or the Biga luggage carrying attachment.

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