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Obi overview

Meet Obi, the revolutionary robot making eating enjoyable again

This feeding device is a turnkey eating aid for disabled individuals looking to bring independence to meal time. This is an assistive technology perfect for home health care and more. View this introductory video and learn how Obi impacts the lives of many!

Meet ‘Hope’ – the inspiration behind Jon Dekar’s Obi dining robot

University of Dayton alum and Obi founder, Jon Dekar, sits down with UD Engineering Head, Dr. Kevin Hallinan and Hope’s mother, Amanda to discuss the inspiration behind Obi. It’s incredible to see where the journey takes us when we begin with a mindset of possibilities! #LifeWithoutLabels

Just why does this inventor want to change people’s lives

Here’s a peek inside the man behind the machine, meet Jon Dekar. Take a look at how and why he wants to make life more magical for those with limited function.

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