Robotic treatment of neuromuscular dysfunction of the upper extremity

Armotion is an innovative robotic solution used in the treatment of server and moderate neuromuscular dysfunction of the upper extremity. It maximises the patient’s capability to undertake personal self-care and domestic tasks, by rebuilding their functional ability and required skills for independence in daily life.

How Armotion works

Armotion’s unique force feedback and multiplier feature detect and react on patient movements, maximising the effect of each therapy session. The patient’s cognitive ability is enhanced by multiple functional ADL-related game types using passive and innovative active-assistive therapy.

Armotion has 2 modes:

  • Passive mode – consistent and repeatable movements allow early-stage patients to safely experience and benefit from a variety of intensive, repetitive exercises, ensuring a higher quality of treatment.
  • Active-assistive mode – the active control of the patient’s force and direction of movements in accomplishing required tasks results in augmented awareness for earlier therapy successes.

Equipped with a PC and screen, Armotion provides visual feedback to improve the patient’s cognitive training in memory and sequencing to complement gains in movement and strength. The patient’s motivation is increased by the competitive nature of multiple ADL-related games.

Benefits of Armotion

Vs conventional therapy

  • Data collection and reporting
  • Patient performance monitoring
  • Consistent and repeatable movements

Vs other robotic devices

  • Quick setup and start of therapy
  • Compact and portable design
  • Force feedback and force multiplier
Armotion close up 2

Technical Specifications

  • Length


  • Width


  • Standard Height


  • Weight


  • Power Supply

    Rechargeable batteries

  • Communication Mode

    Bluetooth (wireless)

  • Exerted Force Max


  • Power Consumption


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