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Stuart Dunne and Sam Pearce Loopwheel company owner demonstrating Loopwheel range

Reinventing the Wheel

Simple product that works

Loopwheels are designed, engineered and made in Nottinghamshire by Sam Pearce of Jelly Products Ltd.

His story is one of determination, and ingenuity. Sam is a trained mechanical engineer and industrial designer who loves simple products that work well.  He believes passionately in craftsmanship and in the skills and knowledge that come from practical experience.

Sam saw the potential in working with a local company who manufacture archery bows. Master Bowyer, Keith Gascoigne from KG Archery, developed the Paragon in 1991; the world’s first all carbon bow handle.

Keith’s team contributed to the development of curved springs for Loopwheels and are delighted to be taking their expertise into new territory.



Loopwheels have composite springs that help you push over uneven surfaces -cobbles, grass, rough tracks, gravel paths, with little effort. The composite springs give you extra power to get up or down kerbs.

Greater Comfort and Independence

Loopwheels are designed to help you push over uneven surfaces such as street cobbles, grass, rough tracks and gravel paths, with little effort. The composite springs provides extra power when negotiating kerbs.

They are more comfortable than standard wheels, because they absorb vibration, bumps and shocks. They naturally adjust to uneven camber – the slope on the side of a road. With standard quick release axles in two sizes (24″ and 25″), Loopwheels fit most manual wheelchairs.

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