Upright FES Stepping Therapy

The RT600 is the only fully-integrated, upright FES stepping therapy system achieving muscle activation and weight bearing simultaneously. Coming with 12 channels of FES as standard, you can expand up to 16. Adjustable to fit from small children to adults, individuals step on the RT600’s motorised footplates, which provide a ‘virtual ground’ offering unique clinical options.

The SAGE smart therapy control system software controls the footplates to:

  • Provide a stepping surface of varying firmness accommodating tone and spasticity
  • Assist with ankle plantar and dorsiflexion while accommodating limitations in range of motion

Partial body weight support is provided by RT600’s electric hoist. Weight bearing information is transmitted wirelessly to SAGE where it is used to control FES levels to target a clinician-determined weight bearing percentage.

Hip stabilisation straps attach to the RT600’s harness to provide an adjustable level of hip control while still allowing hip movement. The harness is available in three sizes to accommodate children, adults and bariatric individuals. The RT600 requires only 8′ in ceiling height.

Muscle selection

Lower extremity

Based on individual presentation for RT600, you can select from quadriceps. hamstrings, gluteals, gastroc and tibialis anterior


Shoulder and scapula stabilisation


For core strength and stability you can also select abdominal and back muscle groups

All stimulation is appropriately coordinated during the stepping motion based on muscle selection.

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Technical Specifications

  • FES Channels

    12 Expandable to 16

  • Current

    0 to 140mA, 1mA Steps

  • Pulse Width

    50 to 500usec, 10usec Steps

  • Frequency

    10 to 100Hz

  • Ergometer

    Stride length: 9″ to 18″ in 3″ increments

  • Hoist

    Max Weight: 400lbs

    Max Hoist Height

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