Uppertone Gym

Rehabilitation and maintenance, without assistance

The Uppertone Gym is the only product of its kind. It was designed and introduced in 1990 by a C4-C5 quadriplegic. It enables quadraplegics with C4-C5 SCIs and below, to exercise the upper body for rehabilitation and maintenance, unassisted. The Uppertone is now used in homes in more than 30 countries worldwide. You will also find it in spinal cord injury treatment centres, rehabilitation facilities, universities and colleges.

The idea for the Uppertone began in the 1980’s with Kurt Simonson, a tetraplegic with C4-C6 SCI. Kurt couldn’t find any equipment that provided completely unassisted upper-body and aerobic rehabilitation. Keen to improve and maintain functional independence, Kurt formed Uppertone and GPKs.

The prototype model of the Uppertone was first displayed at the 1990’s Los Angeles Abilities Expo. It is still the only machine on the market that enables people with quadriplegia to exercise and rehabilitate themselves truly independently. It does not require wrist cuffs, resistance can be selected, and its unique design and features allow quads to move between and around its three stations.

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