At Cyclone, our aim is to improve the lives of disabled people across the UK, so we are always keen to publicise good ideas that meet this aim. One such initiative, has been driven (no pun intended!) by Cyclone customer, Niall El-Assaad.

Niall was injured in a cycling accident in 2013 and is now T4-complete. He became frustrated with a vital task most of us take for granted – filling your car up with petrol. “I was recommended to use Service-Call,” Niall explained, “but it was out-of-date and rarely worked at the garages I tried.

“It was either that or sitting in the station sounding my horn and flashing my lights, to try and get the attendant’s attention. This motivated me to come up with a better solution that would make the task of filling up easier for disabled people.”

fuelService app developed

In 2016, Niall began work on developing a Smartphone app that would enable the user to find out if they could get help at a particular petrol station before they left home. Then speed up the process once they had arrived.

The fuelService app will search for nearby petrol stations, and once you have selected one will automatically contact the station to ask if help is available. It is fast and easy for the station to then respond. Once you arrive at the station, you can use the app to tell the attendant and also let them know which pump you are at. Finally, after the attendant has filled up the car you can enter a review to provide feedback to the station to help improve their customer service.

All profits given to spinal injury charities

Launched in 2017, the fuelService app has already been adopted by major petrol retailers Shell, Motor Fuel Group and Sainsburys, meaning over 2,000 stations are now available to users.

“We are working hard to get other retailers on board,” said Niall, “and I am confident that we will be announcing more soon. Our aim is to get every petrol retailer in the UK signed-up, so that disabled people never have to get stressed about filling up again.”

Owners of older (Non-Smartphone) mobile phones can also take advantage of fuelService as they can use Interactive Voice Service or an SMS TXT to communicate with the station beforehand. The experience is identical to the app.

What a great idea and execution! And the cherry on the top? All profits from the app are being donated to spinal injury charities. So, what are you waiting for download the app today.

Download fuelservice today.


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