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Batec Mobility

Revolutionary power wheelchair attachments

Batec mobility range of handbikes and power wheelchair attachments are designed by disabled people, for disabled people. The Batec team continue to radically improve the mobility of people with disabilities around the world by making these electric attachments.

These handbikes and electric wheelchair attachments do not only assist you in getting around, but they also help you feel more connected to society. Helping you gain your confidence to venture out without fearing the obstacles that you might face.

The history of the project is closely linked to the personal story of Pau Bach, the quadriplegic who founded award winning Batec Mobility. Pau’s vision is to strip away boundaries, revolutionise mobility, explore new horizons and realise mobility without limits!

power wheelchair attachments Batec mini outdoor

Batec Mobility Power Wheelchair Attachments

Power wheelchair attachments have revolutionized the way people with mobility needs move around. Motorized chairs allow individuals to gain independence and control over their movements. However, sometimes these standard power chairs may not be enough for certain tasks, such as carrying items or going off-road. To address this issue, power wheelchair attachments have been developed to enhance the functionality of these chairs.

Make your wheelchair more versatile and practical with our range of accessories to improve your independence and quality of life. Check out our range of Batec Mobility electric wheelchair attachments now!

Batec Scrambler 2
The Most Off-Road Batec Yet

With a top speed of 28km/h and a whole host of top-of-the-range features, the Batec Scrambler is fast, fun and stands out from the crowd… 

power wheelchair attachments Batec Scrambler 2

Batec Electric 2
The perfect balance

The second generation of the original Batec Electric. This model features a powerful motor ideal for use in hilly areas…

power wheelchair attachments Batec Electric 2

Batec Rapid 2
If speed is your thing, look no further

If speed is what you are after, then look no further than the Batec Rapid 2. With a top speed of 30km/h this is the quickest in the Batec range…

Batec Mini 2
The ultimate folding electric attachment

This incredible design brings you all the benefits of a standard Batec, with the added functionality of folding handlebars for effortless storage and transportation…

Batec Hybrid
The perfect cardiovascular workout

Combining handcycling with a powerful motor and intelligent controls, the Batec Hybrid provides the perfect cardiovascular workout… 

Power Wheelchair Attachments

Cyclone Mobility is a leading supplier of power wheelchair attachments in the UK. We offer a wide range of attachments to suit all types of power wheelchair, from simple single-speed units to multi-speed units with advanced features. Our power assist wheelchair attachments are designed to provide maximum manoeuvrability and flexibility, and are available in a variety of sizes to suit all users. We also offer easy to adjust lightweight wheelchairs for improved mobility, comfort, and convenient portability. Get the best of both worlds and enjoy limitless possibilities!

Batec Mobility wheelchair attachments are a great way to make a wheelchair more accessible and easier to operate. These devices can be used for a variety of tasks, from providing extra stability and support, to making it easier to navigate through tight spaces. For individuals looking to embrace a more active lifestyle, an off road wheelchair attachment opens up a whole new world of possibilities, allowing them to explore nature, engage in recreational activities, and experience the freedom they deserve. Also, they are an invaluable tool for those with limited mobility who require a wheelchair for everyday activities.

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