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Lightweight Wheelchairs

Designed for active lifestyles

We’ve worked with manufacturers from around the world to build a range of wheelchairs that are lightweight, reliable and stylish.

These lightweight wheelchairs can be easily transported from one location to another, often come with a variety of features that make them more comfortable and easier to use, such as adjustable leg rests and arm rests, and removable foot rests. We recommend this lightweight wheelchair for active lifestyle.

All of our chairs are made to your exact specification. We provide custom lightweight wheelchairs that suit your needs.

Our expert mobility advisers are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about choosing the best wheelchair and set up for you. 

Batec mini outdoor

GTM Endeavour
Lightweight, durable and stylish

The ever-popular GTM Endeavour is a completely tailor made durable lightweight wheelchair designed to be the perfect blend of durability and function. Lightweight and reliable…

GTM Endeavour all black lightweight wheelchair

GTM Mustang
For effortless adjustability

The GTM Mustang features all the high quality design and build you would expect from a GTM wheelchair. The chairs adjustability make it an ideal first active wheelchair…

GTM Mustang is an entry level, tailor-made wheelchair that oozes style and stability. It is expertly designed to guarantee comfort, style and functionality

GTM Jaguar
An ultra-lightweight wheelchair that doesn’t compromise on quality

The GTM Jaguar is an ultra-lightweight wheelchair that combines the best-in-class manufacturing and materials to create a chair that is durable and extremely lightweight…

GTM Jaguar Ultra Lightweight wheelchair

GTM Hammer
A lightweight but durable wheelchair designed for the highly active

The GTM Hammer is designed for highly active users who put additional strain on their chair due to their active lifestyles. Lightweight, strong and extremely reliable…

The GTM Hammer has an ultra-strong frame with strengthened seat base to accommodate the more generously built user.

GTM Shock Absorber
High quality wheelchair with built-in shock absorber

The GTM Shock Absorber is a strong and versatile aluminium wheelchair that has a built in shock-absorber. Perfect for use with a Batec attachment or everyday use…

GTM SHOCK ABSORBER. The use of technologically and advanced, built-in air shock means more comfort for you when travelling over bumpy surfaces. It also reduces the risk of damage to the wheelchair.

Aria 1.0
An innovative and beautiful design

Aria bring Italian design and flair to their wheelchairs. If you are looking for a chair that is lightweight and looks amazing, then this is the chair for you…

The Aria 1.0 is a 100% manually assembled product. Its foldable backrest and rigid magnesium alloy frame, make it ideal for active users.

Aria 2.0
Lightweight and stylish

Extremely adjustable, the Aria 2.0 is a stylish and lightweight aluminium frame that is ideal for the fashion-conscious user…

Aria 2.0 wheelchair

The perfect entry-level lightweight wheelchair

When it comes to your first active wheelchair, you can’t go wrong with a GTM1. Made to measure and extremely high quality, this chair is exceptional value.

GTM1 wheelchair is a stylish and affordable, entry-level chair

OffCarr EOS
Lightweight titanium wheelchair

This ultra-light titanium wheelchair carries a strong Italian flair combining style with exquisite attention-to-detail.

Offcarr EOS is an elegant, sleek and ultra-lightweight titanium wheelchair from the worldwide renowned Italian company, Offcarr.

OffCarr EOS 3
Lightweight folding wheelchair

This exceptionally designed wheelchair combines the benefits of both a rigid and a folding wheelchair. Lightweight and durable, this chair is a real all-rounder

Offcarr EOS3 Ultra-lightweight and compact. The wheelchair has a hinged front titanium frame making it ultra-foldable

OffCarr Quasar
Lightweight closed-frame titanium wheelchair

The OffCarr Quasar is a popular lightweight closed frame wheelchair, a titanium wheelchair that is available with a fixed or adjustable rear axle. The traditional closed or box-frame makes the wheelchair sleek, lightweight and durable… 

Offcarr Quasar is lightweight, flexible and agile. The Quasar’s titanium frame weighs just 4kgs, it’s one of the lightest wheelchairs in its range

OffCarr Idra 2.0
A Stylish Entry-Level Wheelchair

The OffCarr Idra 2.0 is a lightweight adjustable wheelchair that is ideal for ambulatory users or new users…

The Offcarr Idra 2.0 is a fun lightweight wheelchair was designed to be sleek and robust. The Idra 2.0 is robust yet lightweight in design and has an extensive range of accessories

OffCarr Venus Adventure
Built-in suspension for smoother roll

The OffCarr Venus Adventure has a built-in shock absorber for a smooth ride – making it a lightweight wheelchair with suspension that is absolutely perfect for use with a Batec attachment…

OffCarr Venus Adventure. The fixed titanium frame provides favourable strength to mass ratio and new shock absorber adds to the wheelchairs overall performance

Everyday Lightweight Wheelchairs

A wheelchair is no longer just a functional way of getting around. Modern wheelchairs are all about improving their user’s quality of life in a way that reflects their originality and desire for independence.

This evolving requirement has led to an increase in the number of hand-crafted designs built with high quality and lightweight materials.

Life-changing active wheelchairs

We offer a comprehensive range of everyday lightweight and ultra lightweight wheelchairs that are designed for those with an active lifestyle. Made from the highest quality lightweight materials such as: carbon-fibre, magnesium alloy and aluminium, all our wheelchairs are custom built.

So, if you are looking for a life-changing ultra lightweight wheelchairs online, click on the links above to explore our range. Cyclone Mobility is a UK-based supplier of lightweight wheelchairs. Our goal is to help people maintain their independence by providing high-quality, affordable wheelchairs. Our company offers a wide range of wheelchairs to meet the needs of different users, and we provide delivery anywhere in the UK. We offer a wide range of wheelchairs that are lightweight & some of our changes are even ultra lightweight which makes them great for supporting & aiding with a active lifestyle.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call – 0800 180 4850.  Email us at or send a message in the box below.