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Batec Scrambler 2

The Batec Scrambler 2 is the ultimate off-road attachment on the market today.

New improved electronics combined with a powerful 1620W motor make the Batec Scrambler 2 the perfect all-terrain attachment.

Developed to break down more barriers than ever before, the intelligent anti-slip technology give the Batec Scrambler 2 unbeatable power and performance on hills. 

The Batec Scrambler 2 features the same docking system as the rest of the Batec family, meaning you’ll be attached and moving in seconds.


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Batec Scrambler Product Information


 Motor Specification


 Estimated Distance On A Single Charge


 Speed Settings

 There are three speed setting available on all Batec Scrambler 2 attachments to give you full control in a range of different applications.



 Standard Features

Each Batec Scrambler 2 comes as standard with the following features.




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