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Batec Scrambler 2

The Batec Scrambler 2 is the ultimate off road wheelchair attachment on the market today.

New improved electronics combined with a powerful 1620W motor make the Batec Scrambler 2 the perfect all-terrain attachment.

Developed to break down more barriers than ever before, the intelligent anti-slip technology give the Batec Scrambler 2 unbeatable power and performance on hills. 

The Batec Scrambler 2 features the same docking system as the rest of the Batec family, meaning you’ll be attached and moving in seconds.


Off Road Wheelchair Attachment

Batec Scramber 2, an off road wheelchair attachment is known for its rugged design and quality components. It comes equipped with an all-terrain rear wheel drive motor that helps it traverse tough terrain— from wet sand to steep hills—with ease. The Batec Scrambler 2 also features large wheels that are both durable and lightweight, making it easy to maneuver over gravel or other uneven surfaces.

It is a top pick for adventurers looking to tackle even the most challenging terrains. With technological advances in off road wheelchairs, those with physical limitations can now join in on outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. They have the opportunity to explore and take adventure into their own hands.

Front Wheel Attachment for Wheelchair

Maneuvering over uneven terrain or up steep inclines can be quite challenging for those with mobility restrictions. That’s where a front wheel attachment for wheelchair can make all the difference.

This attachment to manual wheelchair for power provides added stability and control when navigating difficult terrain. They are easy to attach and detach, so you can use them only when needed. You’ll be able to conquer rough terrain with ease and enjoy greater independence in your daily activities.

Don’t let challenging terrain limit your mobility any longer. Call our team today to know more about how a motor attachment for wheelchair can help you navigate the world around you more easily and safely than ever before. Our team is standing by to answer any questions you may have and provide expert guidance on selecting the right attachment for your needs.

Check this link to guide you in choosing your off road wheelchair attachments. 

Whether it’s traversing through sandy beaches, rocky terrains, or muddy trails, the Batec Scrambler 2 off road wheelchair attachment enables users to conquer any obstacle that comes their way. Go further and explore more! Pair this with any of our off road wheelchairs and conquer rugged terrains with confidence and ease. Unleash the adventurer within you and embrace the thrill of off-road mobility. Cyclone Mobility offers a wide range of power wheelchair attachments to suit your needs. Send us a message on our online form below or give us a call on 0800 180 4850.

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Batec Scrambler Product Information


Motor Specification


off road wheelchair attachment batec

Estimated Distance On A Single Charge

 off road wheelchair attachment battery

Speed Settings

There are three speed setting available on all Batec Scrambler 2 attachments to give you full control in a range of different applications.



Standard Features

Each Batec Scrambler 2 comes as standard with the following features.




Batec Scrambler Brochure

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