With a top speed of 30km/h and a choice of Kawasaki Green or Graphite Silver, the Batec Rapid is fast, fun and stands out from the crowd

Batec Mobility

Revolutionary mobility without limits

Batec mobility range of handbikes and electric attachments are designed by disabled people, for disabled people. The Batec team continue to radically improve the mobility of people with disabilities, around the world.

The history of the project is closely linked to the personal story of Pau Bach, the quadriplegic who founded award winning Batec Mobility. Pau’s vision is to strip away boundaries, revolutionise mobility, explore new horizons and realise mobility without limits!


Batec Rapid being road tested in the snow

So, how does it work?

The Batec range of life changing mobility products attach to wheelchair’s with a simple ‘click and go’ manoeuvre. Once the Batec is coupled to the wheelchair, the front casters lift and the Batec’s wheel comes into play. Essentially, the two become one as the wheelchair converts to a tricycle.

The video will show you just how easy Batec’s are to use. You don’t have to give-up your wheelchair and above all, attaching and detaching is fast and simple.


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