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Motorised Wheel For Wheelchairs


Motorised Wheel For Wheelchairs from Cyclone Mobility is a great addition for those using wheelchairs. Not only does it provide more agility, but it also gives users the ability to go up and down curbs, obstacles and other terrain.

These power attached allow you to motorised your wheel chair, these have been designed with a number of features that make it easier to use. For example, the built-in motor helps the user move around. We also offer wheel chairs that have joysticks that allows the user to control the direction in which they are moving. Feel free to contact us so we can help you find the best wheelchair or power attachment to suit your exact needs.

Stylish and compact alternatives to traditional powerchairs

Giving you comfort, flexibility and reliability

AAT Servo Wheelchair Wheels with Electric Power

AAT Servo Power Support System

The AAT SERVO makes it possible for wheelchair users — even with reduced strength — to move independently and increase their range of action.

The AAT Servo is designed to maximise your mobility. With the use of intelligent push sensors, you can control your manual wheelchair with power, precision and comfort. 

The SERVO fits almost into any car boot because it can be stored in a space-saving way. Designed without stud axles our powered wheels are particularly easy to store, also in narrow spaces.

AAT Max-E Power Support System

A compact and stylish alternative to a traditional powerchair

The AAT Max-E system is a stylish and flexible alternative to a traditional powerchair. The joystick-controlled power attachment gives you full control and excellent manoeuvrability. The Max-E can also be easily removed when not in use giving you the additional benefits of a standard lightweight manual wheelchair.

The Max-E uses innovative ‘Silent Power Technology’ to provide performance that is powerful whilst also being exceptionally quiet. 

AAT Servo Wheelchair Wheels with Electric Power

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