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We’re challenging the norms when it comes to disability. We have the unique combination of expertise, personal experience and market-leading products to help you return to active living

We source and supply leading mobility and rehabilitation equipment from carefully selected providers, worldwide, so our customers have access to the very latest solutions. We are proud of our extensive product range and as keen advocates, only sell devices that we use ourselves; you can trust the Cyclone team with all your mobility and rehabilitation equipment requirements!


The main objective of our expert team, most of whom are wheelchair users, is to transform the lives of disabled people across the UK. Through a combination of therapies, services and great products, we will help you to adapt to your changed life and inspire you reach for maximum independence. We are here to share our knowledge and empower you to achieve your goals.

Cyclone work together as one team to source premium quality mobility equipment and rehabilitation equipment. We only sell quality products that we use ourselves

Our values

  • Commitment  – Together and individually, we deliver on our promises
  • You – We put you at the heart of everything we do
  • Challenging – Always challenging the norms surrounding disability
  • Live our values – Treat others as we would like to be treated; only sell the products we use ourselves
  • One team – As one team, we work together to create an exceptional customer experience
  • Never satisfied – Constantly looking for new ways to help our customers
  • Enabling – Our experience and expert advice enables you to achieve your ambitions
Cyclone Mobility MD Stuart Dunne life story. Sustained spinal injury at 17 years old which left him paralysed at C6 C7

Stuart’s story

Stuart Dunne, Cyclone’s Managing Director, was born in February 1968, a perfect bundle of joy!  At the age of 17, plans were in place for Stuart to join the RAF and become a Tornado pilot –  the future looked bright.

However, later that year, life took a dramatic turn.  Following a road traffic accident in 1985, Stuart sustained a spinal cord injury (SPI) to the neck, which left him paralysed at C6/7. From that moment, things would never be the same for Stuart – life in a wheelchair beckoned.

With limited mobility and an uncertain future, Stuart was encouraged by medics to improve his fitness levels through a rehabilitation programme. Post injury rehabilitation through sport, (Ludwig Guttman principle), was considered an essential method of therapy. The aim was to help individuals build physical strength, improve self-respect and boost self-esteem.

Cyclone Mobility MD Stuart Dunne, Stuart's story, Mobility equipment and rehabilitation equipment suppliers
“Following my accident, I knew I had to focus on what I could do, because the alternative didn’t bear thinking about. After some research, I realised that options for those with SCI’s in the UK, were limited. So, I began to explore what was available to aid the life of those with SCI’s in other countries. This journey led to the discovery of alternative, mobility and rehabilitation equipment, and therapy options outside of the UK; in 1989, Cyclone was born.
Today, those with SCI’s face a much more positive and independent future. People now have access to a fantastic range of mobility equipment and rehabilitation options.”
Stuart Dunne, MD, Cyclone Mobility


a brief history
Where it all began...

Stuart started the company 'CJS Custom' and by making their own aluminium lightweight tailor-made wheelchair named 'Cyclone', it gradually built up the finances to be able to import a number of different lines of fitness and rehabilitation equipment from overseas, initially the USA, but then Europe and beyond.

The business is born

In 1991, the company was rebranded 'Cyclone Mobility and Fitness LTD' and it was from this point on that Cyclone began to build its expertise on both the mobility aspects of neurologically impaired patients, and the fitness and rehabilitation goals.

Advances in rehabilitation technique

Stuarts interest in FES started in 1997, when the team at Salisbury were working with SCI patients to gain functional recovery, and progressed to greater levels when in 2005 Restorative Therapies from Baltimore commercialised the use of FES in rehabilitation.

Evolving with technology

Cyclone began working with Exoskeletons in the early days of the media boom, however have since moved to more clinically effective solutions - the Xcite 12 channel FES system and the G-EO end effector gait training device. As progress and innovation change the rehabilitation landscape, technological developments allow the ever changing needs of the clinical centres to be addressed. Cyclone are perfectly positioned to deliver these new advancing technologies with their specialist clinical team headed by Matt White, MSc MCSP.


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Stuart Dunne

Managing Director C 6-7 tetraplegic More about Stuart

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Mobility Advisor (North) C6/7 Tetraplegic More about Mark

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Mobility Advisor (South) T10 Paraplegic More about Chris

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Mobility Advisor (Scotland) C6/7 Tetraplegic More about Mike

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