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Bowhead Reach

If you’re craving that rush of adrenaline and want to get off-road, you won’t find a better companion than the Bowhead Reach E-Bike.

Probably the most exciting piece of mobility equipment on the market today, the Bowhead Reach E-Bike combines style, power and technical excellence. 

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    Bowhead Reach Product Information

    • Wheelbase – 49”

    • Center-to-center of front wheels – 26.5”

    • Front wheels – 20”

    • Back wheel – 26”

    • Length – 80”

    • Weight – 96 lbs. with battery/Stainless Steel rails

    • Weight – 90 lbs. with battery/Titanium rails

    • Adjustable seat positions

    • Handlebar steering

    • Turning radius – 80”

    • Single brake lever actuates both front brakes

    • Ride Engine kiteboarding harness is primary restraint

    • 3” of dual front wheel suspension with shocks

    • 7” effective front suspension with articulation and shocks combined

    • 7.5” of rear suspension with shocks

    • Custom quad braking and throttle solutions available at extra cost

    • All Wheel Drive (AWD) option is provided as an add-on component post-delivery of your Reach to allow for sufficient mastery of the Bowhead Reach prior to integration (AWD is available at an additional cost, please contact for more information)


    Off Road Wheelchair 

    The Bowhead Reach E-Bike is the best off road wheelchair for people who crave that rush of adrenaline. This stylish piece of equipment is packed with power, and its technical excellence makes it perfect for tackling any off-road challenge. With its strong frame and powerful motor, the Bowhead Reach can easily conquer terrain, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to get off the beaten path. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a leisurely ride through the woods or want to tackle a more challenging course, the Bowhead Reach E-Bike will help you reach your destination with ease. So if you’re ready to get off-road, there’s no better companion than the Bowhead Reach.