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Electric Wheelchair Attachments – the definitive mobility tool

Batec electrical attachments provide a unique solution and are the definitive mobility tool. By connecting the Batec electric attachment to your wheelchair, with a simple click and go mechanism, you get that extra power boost whenever you need it.

Cyclone are a key Batec partner and as such, we are the sole supplier of Batec attachments in the UK. No other UK based mobility equipment provider can supply a new Batec product to you.

Access more places and get more involved with family life

So, if you’re looking for something to assist you with exercise, the definitive Batec electric mobility tool allows you to access previously hard to reach areas, such as forest trails, greenways and uphill villages.

It’s also perfect for getting you more involved with outdoor family activities, sight-seeing or just general day to day life, call us today for more information.

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