FES Cycling for Legs

The RT300-SL provides FES cycling for legs. It is a compact and portable system that is easy to set up and convenient to use for wheelchair users as no transfer is required. Other features include:

  • Height adjustable platform facilitates correct ergonomic setup
  • Adjustable calf supports secure the legs while the feet are placed in the footrests
  • Wheelchair restraints hold the wheelchair securely in position during therapy sessions

Muscle selection

Lower extremity

Based on individual presentation for leg cycling, you can select from quadriceps. hamstrings, gluteals, gastrocnemius and tibialis anterior


For core strength and stability you can also select abdominal and back muscle groups e.g. erector spinae

All stimulation is appropriately coordinated during leg cycling based on muscle selection.

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RT300 SLSA is a flexible leg and arm cycle system that can be used from a wheelchair, a chair, plinth or balance ball

Technical Specifications

  • FES Channels

    6 Expandable to 16

  • Speed

    15 – 55 rev / min

  • Torque

    1 – 22Nm

  • Current

    0 to 140mA, 1mA Steps

  • Pulse Width

    50 to 500usec, 10usec Steps

  • Frequency

    10 to 100Hz

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