FES Cycling For Arms and Legs

The RT300-SLSA provides FES cycling for arms and legs. This is a very flexible device that is used by leading clinics across a wide range of patient indications. It enables leg and arm cycling from a wheelchair without the need to transfer, or it can be used from a chair, plinth or balance ball.

Muscle selection

  • Upper extremity & shoulder – based on individual presentation for arm cycling you can select from: shoulder & scabula stabilisation,  biceps, triceps, anterior deltoid, posterior deltoid, grasp or wrist extensors/release
  • Lower extremity – based on individual presentation for leg cycling you can select from quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals, gastrocnemius and tibialis anterior.
  • Trunk – for core strength and stability you can also select abdominal and back muscle groups (e.g erector spinae)

All stimulation is appropriately coordinated during the leg or arm cycling motion based on muscle selection.

Shoulder strength & stability

The patented Restorative Therapies smart control system – SAGE – provides the functionality to ensure shoulder stability whilst arm cycling. Shoulder muscle stimulation can be applied prior to movement to correct shoulder subluxation. Stimulation can be applied to improve posture while arm cycling including retracting and depressing the scapula.

Arm rests and gloves help support the arm and secure the hands while cycling.



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Technical Specifications

  • FES Channels

    6 expandable to 16

  • Current

    0 to 140mA, 1mA steps

  • Pulse width

    50 to 500usec, 10usec steps

  • Frequency

    10 to 100Hz

  • Speed

    15 – 55 rev / min

  • Torque

    1 – 22Nm leg ergometer

    1 – 20Nm arm ergometer

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