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Ultra-lightweight for the fashion-conscious active user

When we think of Aria wheelchair, we instantly think of the beautiful Italian flair, design, and attention-to-detail. The new Aria Speciale is designed to bring that market-leading design to the masses with a truly lightweight, made-to-measure, active-user wheelchair.

SPECIALE is an adjective that best describes all the characteristics and peculiarities of this wheelchair born from the continuous research for solutions to reduce weight and to meet the needs of expert wheelchair users.

The responsiveness of the wheelchair and the perceived sensations are similar to sports wheelchairs, such as those for tennis or basketball, where ease in changing direction and propulsion are necessary requirements.

The driving comfort of the Speciale is truly unique.

But the most significant advantage was obtained in the reduction of the weight, which in the standard configuration is only 3.9Kg!

Having such a light product means putting less stress on the joints and facilitating everyday life.

SPECIALE is a fixed-frame wheelchair.

The bends are made with CNC machinery to ensure maximum precision and the welds are made by hand in a protected atmosphere. To preserve the mechanical characteristics over time, the frame has two protection layers, an anticorrosive treatment and epoxy powder coating.

Although Speciale is a fixed frame wheelchair, the knee to heel measure is adjustable.

The standard configuration includes the tensioning system for the seat and backrest. The seat is made of tear-resistant material and divided into two zones, one front, and one rear. This innovative solution allows you to easily find the correct posture of the pelvis as well as personalized load management. In the same way, it is possible to adjust the tension of the backrest, adapt to the various postural needs of the trunk, and manage the center of gravity.

Principal benefits to the user:
Rigidity, lightness, smoothness, and super reactivity.

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