Offcarr is regularly looking at how they can stay ahead of the curve and come up with new, innovative ideas – they had already produced an incredible chair with EOS but wanted to improve it and make something unlike anything else, thus came its evolution in the EOS 3. Holding all the same properties as the EOS, the EOS3 is also ultra-lightweight, highly customisable and extremely stylish, with the added benefit of being even more compact with its hinged front frame. The ultra-foldable titanium frame fold in on itself, enabling the user to stow it away in spaces as small as the overhead compartments on an aeroplane! In every way, the EOS 3 is superior to your usual folding wheelchair.

Technical Specifications

  • Frame

    Titanium rigid frame.

    Max user weight 100kg.

  • Backrest

    Folding adjustable back-rest to 6°

    Collapsible, tilt and height adjustable backrest

    27-29cm, 31-33cm or 35-37cm

  • Seat

    Ergonomic or standard seat

    36cm, 38cm, 40cm or 42cm

Standard Equipment Specifications

  • Folding System

    The folding system makes the wheelchair compact like hand luggage.

  • Variety

    Wide choice of setup and frame colours

  • Axle

    Fixed or adjustable axle

  • Sideguards

    Carbon fibre detachable sideguards


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