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Cyclone Technologies are leading suppliers of bespoke, lightweight wheelchairs and is the UK’s foremost rehabilitation and training specialist. We offer a full range of treatments, services and products from Functional Electrical Stimulation therapy and equipment and Far Infrared Heat Therapy, to ReWalk training and systems and multi-gyms.

With an expert team boasting 120 years’ combined experience of life in a wheelchair, our main objective is to transform the lives of disabled people across the UK by maximising our customers’ range of movement, fitness levels and general health, and helping them to regain a new level of independence and control in their everyday lives. 

Offering a state-of-the-art, Cyclone Plus purpose-built rehabilitation and training facility, along with some of the world’s most advanced mobility aid technology, we work closely with our customers at every stage to meet their individual requirements and help them to focus on what they can achieve.

Our Testimonials


  • The RT300 does not take up a lot of room and Getting set up on the RT300 does not take long at all, were workout sessions are recorded and monitored on the Internet. I would fully recommend the RT300 and Cyclonemobility have been very good whenever I have needed any help.

    Craig Preston, C4 complete

  • Without the RT300 SLSA my body would never have had the exercise that it has had since my injury, I am so grateful that Cyclone showed me FES.

    Lorraine Mack FES C4/5 tetraplegic

  • I must say that the staff at Cyclone mobility have suffered spinal injuries themselves and therefore know what they are talking about. I have been very impressed, even inspired, by their independence and feel very much part of a team.

    James Servaes, C7 complete

  • The results of an FES workout include: improved circulation, lightness of legs and increased self-esteem through both physical and mental well-being. This helps me to focus on my goal of trying out the ReWalk.

    Claire Rimington, T6, complete.