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The Obi is a revolutionary, robotic feeding device that is simple to use

With just two buttons, an on/off button and one to save the feeding delivery position, it couldn’t be simpler. Just sit at the table and using the feeding arm, show Obi (just once), where you are in relation to the bowls and then press the ‘save’ button.

That’s it! The food delivery location has been memorised.

  • The Obi is a revolutionary, robotic feeding device that is simple to use
  • The Obi is a revolutionary, robotic feeding device that is simple to use
  • The Obi is a revolutionary, robotic feeding device that is simple to use
relax at mealtimes
Get back that sense of freedom and independence at mealtimes

You have now programmed your feeding device to select and deliver your chosen food, and you are now in control. It’s time to relax and enjoy the dining experience. Obi takes the focus away from physically managing the feeding process and instead you can relax and interact with your friends and family at mealtimes, giving you that sense of freedom and independence.

Make dining a relaxing, fun and sociable occasion

The feeding device comes with a dinner plate sized dish with four compartments. There is a choice of two spoons that attach to the sleek, white robotic arm. The feeding device is controlled with simple and discreet gestures that give users the freedom to eat at their own pace and interact with other diners. It's quiet, inconspicuous and graceful with life-like motions. There are two discreet touch sensitive pads, one to trigger food delivery and the other to select between the four food bowls.

Obi is portable, compact and discreet – perfect for dining out

Your new robotic feeding device is portable and compact, so use it away from the home without any issues. There are no wires, it just sits on the dining table and only uses the same amount of space any diner would use. It is quiet and discreet with a smooth, fluid motion that mirrors the natural arm movement of other diners.


Meet Obi, the revolutionary robot making eating enjoyable again

This feeding device is a turnkey eating aid for disabled individuals looking to bring independence to meal time. This is an assistive technology perfect for home health care and more. View this introductory video and learn how Obi impacts the lives of many!


Meet ‘Hope’ – the inspiration behind Jon Dekar’s Obi dining robot

University of Dayton alum and Obi founder, Jon Dekar, sits down with UD Engineering Head, Dr. Kevin Hallinan and Hope’s mother, Amanda to discuss the inspiration behind Obi. It’s incredible to see where the journey takes us when we begin with a mindset of possibilities! #LifeWithoutLabels


Just why does this inventor want to change people’s lives

Here’s a peek inside the man behind the machine, meet Jon Dekar. Take a look at how and why he wants to make life more magical for those with limited function.


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