With the short, cold days of December now upon us, it is probably a good time to carry out all those maintenance checks on your wheelchair that you’ve been putting off all year.

So, what can you check in your own home, without the need for an experienced wheelchair engineer?

Well, below, we have outlined the key things you should be looking at on a regular basis to ensure sound wheelchair maintenance:

  • Foot rest – is it straight, not damaged and still connected securely to the main frame?
  • Axle Pins – are they straight and no damage?
  • Rear wheels – check condition of all spokes and the general condition/shape of the wheel
  • Pushrims – are they still connected securely to the wheel, how badly scuffed are they?
  • Tyres – check pressure is correct and look for signs of wear and tear on the tyre wall/tread
  • Castors – how much of the soft rim is left, are there any signs of damage or uneven wear?
  • Brakes – do they still work properly, are there better ones you could replace them for?
  • Side guards – if fitted, do they still slide in and out easily and are they damaged at all?
  • Front fork bearings – do the castors still swivel through 360 on the fork?
  • Seat sling – is the fabric ripped or damaged in any way, is it worn and the frame fixings still good?
  • Cushion – check the general condition, is it still comfortable or does it need replacing?
  • Backrest – is the upholstery still in good condition with no damage or signs of wear?
  • Calf strap – still in good condition with no signs of wear, fitting to frame forks still sound?
  • True and straight-line test – does the chair still roll in a straight line when pushed?

If you have any questions on any of these checklist points or are uncertain about something you may have found during your check, then please get in touch, by filling out the form below or to the top right of this page.

Our trained engineers will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the maintenance of your wheelchair.


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