Cyclone Ambassadors

Here at Cyclone we have been fortunate enough to meet and work with some amazing people who have refused to let their disability define them. Such people are an inspiration to us all with their can-do attitude and positive thinking.

We only want to sell life-changing products that we would be happy using ourselves and consequently we believe in the solutions we deliver – totally! That is why we are delighted to work with a select number of our customers who love the products we have supplied to them so much, they want everyone to know about it!

These ambassadors share our enthusiasm in using new technology to help make the lives of those in a wheelchair easier and more enjoyable. They span the complete spectrum of paralysis from those who can’t move any limbs to people who can almost walk.

Being Cyclone ambassadors doesn’t just mean they promote our products. We take on board their experiences and feedback from using our solutions and in turn, this helps us to continuously improve the service and solutions we offer to our customers.

Andy Walker

Andy Walker

Andy was paralysed from the neck down when he was 28 after hitting a rock while diving into the sea at Goa. He did not let his injury limit his life from then. Despite being paralysed from the neck down he has sailed, mountain climbed, skied and carried out charity runs all from his chin-controlled electric wheelchair.

Since Andy’s injury he has committed himself to aiding the independence, confidence and potential of individuals who live with disability. He offers inspirational speaking consultancy services, advice & signposting on many areas.

To find out more visit his Living Your Dream Web site.

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