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Batec – The ultimate commuting companion

For wheelchair users, commuting to and from work can sometimes be a challenging and daunting experience. With the help of a Batec wheelchair electrical attachment, this doesn’t need to be the case as they can provide plenty of benefits. In this article we will discuss why we think the Batec is the ultimate commuting companion.

Speed and distance

The Batec hand bikes are known for their speed, which is perfect for getting you into work on time! The Batec Rapid boasts a top speed of 30km/h and with a range of up to 20km with a 280-wh battery, or 40km with a 522-wh battery. Running out of power isn’t an option when you’re on your commute!

Manual to electrical wheelchair in a flash

The Batec’s unique ‘easy-fix’ attachment system allows you to disconnect your Batec within seconds giving you the benefits of your manual wheelchair. This is ideal for if you need to detach from your Batec, whether you’re on the train or wanting to navigate the office once you’re in work.

Manoeuvring the big cities

Manoeuvring a wheelchair in built up towns and cities can be tricky. The Batec’s tight turning circle allows for precise navigation through crowds and on tight pavements. The Batec scrambler – the newest to the Batec range – has a reverse gear to get you out of sticky situations.