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The millions of disabled people who are looking to enter, or progress in, the jobs market face many barriers. Looking for a new job is hard enough when you are not disabled, but when recruiters and the organisations offering the job have not considered the needs of the disabled, it becomes much harder.

Fortunately, the Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative (RIDI) has been setup to build awareness of the needs of the disabled in the recruitment process. They help recruiters and employers to become disability confident and offer more job opportunities to people with disabilities.

RIDI Toolkit for best practice

They do this by providing an online toolkit and self-assessment framework. The toolkit allows organisations to identify and remove the barriers in their recruitment. The toolkit has been specifically developed by employers for employers. It’s based on over three years’ in-depth research with 220 of the UK’s leading companies and is widely regarded as the definitive guide to best practice in this area.

It is full of essential tips, documents and templates. In addition, you can ask your own questions to a panel of leading experts, on everything from equality legislation and alternative assessments to access to work, talent acquisition strategy and more. The toolkit is now used by over 2,200 public, private and third sector customers across the UK.

RIDI Self-assessment framework

The framework, ‘Clear Assured’, is an inclusive talent management standard for organisations aiming to attract and employ the broadest diversity of talent. It operates through an easy-to-use online platform that delivers a self-assessment of existing processes and practice. This is then tested against disabled people’s feedback, detailing their real experiences. Gaps between aspiration and reality are identified, along with the steps needed to meet the required standards.

The RIDI initiative started in 2011 and now runs an annual awards ceremony to celebrate progress on disability in recruitment.

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