Peter Lau case study

“Getting a Batec is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made since my accident.”

We meet many incredible people within the industry we work in. People that don’t just sit back and let life pass them by. Pete Lau is one of many who choose to seize the day and live life to the full. Before his accident, Pete was an avid Mountain Biker.

Being an adrenaline junkie, he enjoyed downhill racing the most. Every given chance, he would be out on his bike. Pete even started Mountain Biking clubs to encourage others to get involved.

However, on 5th April 2014, Pete was involved in a mountain bike accident, which left him with a complete Spinal Cord Injury at T6 level. Pete was faced with having to get used to life in a wheelchair. But Pete wasn’t ready to give up enjoying life.



Peter Lau case study image of Peter riding his Mountain Bike pre-injury

When did you first hear about the Batec handbikes?

“I was laid up in hospital and one of the other patients had just ordered a Batec and just his description of it started my interest. I looking on the internet and found Cyclone and looking at them (Batec) and thought I’ve got to have one – it’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve made since my accident. It allows me to get back out and almost get back something that I’d lost from having a Spinal Injury.”

Pete enjoys getting out on his Batec Electric and going for long walks with his dog Merlin, sometimes going as far as 12 miles! Since getting his Batec, Pete has felt more likeTheold self than ever before,

“I think part of dealing with a Spinal Cord Injury is all about grabbing little bits back. As you progress, I’m only 3 years into my Spinal Cord Injury; it’s about getting as much back as you can. You can never get it fully back obviously, and I appreciate that, but it’s the next best thing for me.”

The Batec is easy to use and that’s what our customers like the most. The fact that you can just ‘click and go’ and then detach whenever you need to. Pete calls it his “absolute godsend” when describing how easy it is to use and get in and out of his car.

Peter Lau case study image showing Peter with Batec Trailblazers Yorkshire out on a ride

Starting the Batec Trailblazers UK

In September 2015, Pete wanted to help more people get out and about with the Batec’s so started The Batec Trailblazers in Yorkshire, where people who also own Batec’s can meet up and go on bike rides, discover new routes, meet new people and more importantly have fun!

“My history has always been about running clubs, running Mountain Biking clubs. I became aware that a lot of people have these (Batec’s) and are a little bit isolated. You want to go out and have a laugh – it’s what it’s all about. So, by bringing people together it probably builds their confidence, giving the fact that they know they’re not on their own.

Most of us are fairly practical minded when it comes to puncture repairs and that sort of things, thankfully there’s not a lot that goes wrong with them. Getting people together is a great thing I think, getting them out and about – that community is going to grow I think. It’s all about well-being, the more you do things like that, the more you experience this wonderful country we live in – it’s all about not just sitting indoors, because that’s so easy.”

Peter Lau case study image - Cyclone and Pete visited the SCI Firefighters Charity

The Cyclone service

At Cyclone, we strive to give our customers the tools so they can live life to the fullest. From Wheelchairs, to attachments (like the Batec), to gym and rehab equipment, we are here to get you back out and back loving life. We can even help when you’re struggling to find parts –

“Cyclone’s service is absolutely second-to-none, I’ve had issues with getting tyres locally, so I went down to Cyclone who sorted me out there and then. You pick up the phone and it just gets sorted, there’s no drama, there’s no ‘well we’ll have to speak to so and so’ – they just say bring it down and we’ll sort it out. Their ethos is about getting you out and about as quick as they can – it’s fantastic. I fully recommend Cyclone and Batec as it’s changed my life.”

Speak to one of our experienced mobility advisers to see how we can change your life. 

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