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Strava is a community of athletes (social fitness network) who share their activities and encourage each other with comments and club affiliations. It is used to track many sporting activities including: cycling, running and swimming using GPS data. Activities are recorded via the Strava mobile application or GPS-enabled fitness watches or cycling computers.

Users can upload activities to the Strava site directly, via the Strava mobile application, or via one of Strava’s data partners such as Garmin. The software provides statistics such as distance, pace, speed and elevation, and provides comparisons with other users’ activities. Strava will also take into account heart rate and power data if the user has paired such accessories with the Strava mobile application or their GPS-enabled devices.

Now Restorative Therapies have set up an “FES athletes” club on Strava that you can join, meet and encourage other FES riders.

Joining Strava

Joining Strava is easy and free!

First you need to create a Strava account. Then you connect your existing RTILInk account to Strava. (RTILink is Restorative Therapies’ database where your FES rides are stored).

Once connected, your FES rides will automatically upload to Strava where you can share them in accordance with your Strava privacy settings. And then it’s time to have fun, meet new people and reach new goals.

Getting setup

Make sure you have a account and log into it.

Log into your account using your cycle ID and PIN. If you don’t know these please Email and they will assist you.

Click on your RTILink “Preferences”.

Click on “Connect with Strava” and follow the prompts.

You are all set up now but there’s one more step you can take – join the “FES athletes” club on Strava. Click on Strava’s “Explore” menu then Clubs and search for the club name “FES athletes” with Type set to “All”.

Then you’re all set to go!