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Reason for using RT300

Wanted something to exercise his legs and felt that the stimulation provided by the RT300 offered the best opportunity

Craig has been using the RT300 for over 4 years and has completed in excess of 370 sessions, that’s an average of 1.77 sessions every week!

He has shown an excellent response to FES cycling, with significant progress occurring with consistent sessions. During the first year of his usage, his power output was low and did not change dramatically. During this period, it is likely that he was going through a period of muscle toning, that is, although contractions were being generated in his muscles, there was insufficient strength within the muscles to produce any registered affect upon the pedals.

In October 2012 there was a clear increase in power, this suggests that Craig’s legs are beginning to get stronger. This increase in power then rose dramatically, despite a month off in February, until July 2013 when he reached a plateau.


After a couple of months away from the RT300, Craig’s average power reduced considerably in December 2013, but returning to regular sessions helped him to regain his strength and by March he had returned almost to previous levels, although there is a notable reduction in power during April 2014.

Following another lay off until December 2014 a similar pattern is observed, but since returning to consistent FES cycling sessions, Craig has enjoyed relatively consistent increases in power production over the last year (completing an average of 2.18 sessions per week) to have now reached a level close to as high as he has ever reached.

Craig has found that having the internet support from Cyclone has helped to keep him motivated and given him comfort, knowing that somebody is keeping an eye on his progress and has always been there to make any changes if necessary.