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Compact footprint makes it easy-to-use

Introduced in Dec 2017, the Batec Mini has been called the little big Batec. After more than 2 years research and development taking into account user feedback, the Batec Mini delivers enhanced mobility with ease of use and technical quality.

Designed with a 16” wheel and a compact footprint. This makes it perfect for using in town or the countryside. It can be easily utilised with both public transport and quickly stowed in your car. With a reverse gear and smaller size, than the rest of the Batec range, it is unbeatable for getting around with absolute freedom and comfort in tight spaces.

Suitable for town and country

Like all Batecs, it can be connected and disconnected in less time than it takes an able-bodied person to get on or off a bicycle or motorcycle. Even users with severe injuries can attach and detach a Batec without help.

Equipped with front and back lights and a horn, the little big Batec is perfect for use in tight urban environments. With a variety of battery options (including a 280-wh IATA compliant one) providing a range of up to 42km, you can travel at a maximum speed of 20km/h, allowing you to enjoy country walks or trips to the beach.

The Batec Mini is Batec’s most compact electric attachment. Designed to be lighter and easy to store away, the quality, functionality and reliability matches those of our larger Batec range.

Designed for people with different levels of disability

A range of handlebars – para, hemiplegic and quad – ensures that the little big Batec can be easily used by people with different levels of disability. The inbuilt soft start feature provides a smooth move-off and delivers excellent control in busy towns.

Available in white, red and graphite, we are currently offering a limited number of the Batec Mini at a discounted rate. So, if you are interested in a free home demo of the little big Batec and getting your hands on one in time to enjoy summer, contact us today by filling out the form below.