How new technologies are helping with health, fitness and lifestyle after a brain or spinal cord injury

FES Cycling Solutions

A well-established active therapy rehabilitation technique

  • Active therapy allows muscles to work the way they are meant to
  • Reverses muscle atrophy
  • Uses pulses of electrical current to stimulate nerves

Active therapy allows muscles to do the work they are meant to and reverse muscle atrophy. This is superior to passive therapy, where muscles don’t do any of the work.

FES is a well-established active therapy rehabilitation technique that uses pulses of electrical current to stimulate peripheral nerves, generating muscle contractions and patterned muscle activity.

Our FES solutions are focused on weak and paralysed muscles in the arms, legs and trunk, enabling muscles to work and perform activities. Allowing them to become more conditioned and patients to reach their rehabilitation goals.

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The revolutionary, robotic feeding device

  • Assistive technology giving the user independence
  • Graceful, life-like motions creating a natural experience
  • Lightweight and portable

Obi is a revolutionary portable, robotic eating device designed for anyone with muscular weakness, upper limb function loss, quadriplegia or extreme athetoid movements.

It delivers independence, dignity, freedom, wellbeing and improved quality of life. Obi can be used by anyone who has the cognitive ability to operate a simple machine, the physical ability to operate accessibility switches and the ability to take food from a spoon, chew and swallow without choking.

Everyone deserves access to independent and fulfilling dining experiences. Obi’s assistive technology will improve the quality of life of the user and restore dignity and enjoyment to their meals.


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Batec Mobility

A comprehensive solution to your mobility problems

  • Attachable accessory which connects to your wheelchair
  • A powerful electric motor which can take you further than before
  • Six types available to meet all needs

Batec’s mobility range of electric and manual handbikes are designed by disabled people, for disabled people. They attach to wheelchairs with a simple ‘click-and-go’ manoeuvre. Once the Batec is coupled to the wheelchair, the front casters lift and the Batec’s wheel comes into play. Essentially, the two become one as the wheelchair converts into a tricycle.

With 6 options from the Manual to the Hybrid, whatever you want to do, there is a Batec for you.

With summer coming there has never been a better time to get out in your wheelchair, so arrange your FOC home demo today!


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