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The Batec Hybrid is a handbike that attaches to a wheelchair to create a three-wheeled vehicle that allows users to move around propelled by their arms. A battery is attached to give you the option of a power assisted journey

This is your chance to win a life-changing Batec Hybrid over £6,000. 

Cyclone Mobility and Batec Mobility are delighted to offer a brand new Batec Hybrid to one lucky individual. 

The Batec Hybrid is perfect for anyone looking for an attachment that offers a great cardiovascular workout whilst also offering a powerful motor for when things get a little tough. 

  • Attaches to wheelchair effortlessly and in seconds
  • Suitable for paraplegics, tetraplegics and hemiplegics
  • Powerful motor for hill and start assistance 
  • Solid footplate for improved stability and foot protection

Why are we doing this?

Ever since starting the business in 1989, one of Stuart’s biggest motivations is changing people’s lives for the better.

Whether it’s providing advice to newly-injured people or bringing the very best in mobility equipment to the UK, Stuart and Cyclone Mobility aim to make people’s post-injury lives as active and fulfilling as pre-injury.

On the BBC’s Going Back, Giving Back Stuart was delighted to give away a Batec Hybrid to a newly-injured Lady who desperately wanted to get active. Now, Stuart wants to do the same again. Keep reading to find out how to win!

How to enter?

This competition has now closed.

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