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The CCR Academy aims to support disabled people in becoming involved in and experiencing Motorsport and racing whilst changing the perceptions of disability within Motorsport in terms of capability and limitations.

Set up by Chris Carter, who has lived all his life with Cerebral Palsy, the CCR is his reaction to a complete lack of provision and encouragement for disabled people to enter motorsport.

Their aim is to work with Motorsport UK in creating suitable opportunities for disabled people within Motorsport and with adaptation and equipment suppliers to ensure availability of parts and resources to ensure these opportunities can then be realised.

Mentoring and coaching facility

CCR will provide a mentoring/coaching facility where disabled drivers/racers can improve and reach their potential with confidence and support with all aspects of racing. They aim to protect the welfare and best interests of all who are involved with the organisation.

Throughout 2019 and beyond they will be participating in outreach at local schools/respite homes/community organisations, so that disabled people can connect with Motorsport first hand and have that first experience of seeing a race car/kart etc up close.

Disabled track days

CCR will offer disabled track days/passenger rides etc, so that those who want to experience Motorsport but can’t drive can still be involved whilst offering other taster events to give an idea for what the academy would be like in terms of driver coaching. Shortly they will also launch a dedicated eSports Team specifically for disabled sim racers.

Chris concluded, “Safety is always a top priority. However, motorsport is the only sport I know which doesn’t encourage or work with disabled people to create opportunities for those with the ability and/or potential. Not only should this change, but the perceptions behind the decisions need to change too.”

To find out more about the CCR Academy, see their Facebook page at or contact Chris directly on or call on 07887604104.