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Ten years ago, Jean-Pierre Lacombe, a well-known name in the cycling industry and Jean-Luc Fumex started building the Quadrix all terrain wheelchair. Being a paraplegic himself, Jean-Luc used his own network of reduced mobility contacts to develop and test the new products.

The aim of all Quadrix wheelchairs has been to provide pleasure, independence and accessibility for people with reduced mobility by bringing together innovation, quality and customisation. Now, to celebrate 10 years of success, Quadrix have announced the launch of a new limited edition 10th anniversary model.

Quadrix 10th Anniversary edition - front view

Built to cope with any terrain

Built around a 7020 aluminium, thermo lacquered frame that has been customised in Quadrix colours, the new model looks stunning. With 2, 24” rear wheels each powered by a 950W motor, the 10th anniversary edition has more than enough power to cope with the roughest terrains, with a range of up to 100km.

Safety is taken care of with a four-point harness coupled with powerful disc brakes on all 4 wheels as well as a parking brake. A low of centre of gravity provides greater stability, while high-performance long-travel suspension ensures maximum comfort over even the most uneven ground.

Special features of 10th anniversary Quadrix all terrain wheelchair

The new, limited edition 10th anniversary Quadrix offers a unique set of options:

  • Customised paintwork in Quadrix colours
  • A roll-bar with ‘ears’
  • A racing rear-view mirror
  • Orange grips
  • 4 carbon-fibre mudguards
  • High-performance, rechargeable lights (front and rear)

With all these options, you’ll be ready to tackle any trail

Get back to places you thought there were inaccessible

Five years ago, Pete Lau went on a memorable 35km mountain bike ride with his friends round Skiddaw in the Lake District. After he was involved in a mountain bike accident in 2014, being in a wheelchair meant that he could not enjoy a lot of the routes he had been on before.

Or so he thought! When we introduced him to the Quadrix, he was able to join his friends on the Skiddaw route again. Check out his route. After, he said, “21 miles of smiling, I got air on more than a few occasions and did a route I could only dream of since becoming a wheelchair user.”

So, why not take advantage of the limited edition 10th anniversary Quadrix all terrain wheelchair and get out and about again – but hurry it is only available until 31st December.

Give us a call today on 0800 180 4850, or fill out the form at the bottom of this page, to arrange your demo of the Quadrix.

Quadrix 10th Anniversary edition - side view