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The Aria 1.0 is a 100% manually assembled product. Its foldable backrest and rigid magnesium alloy frame, make it ideal for active users

Aria – Exemplary Mobility Products

Superior Build Standards

Aria Wheels was formed in 2014 by Italian born Marco Paolucci and Stefano Esposito. Both are industrial designers who decided to combine their competences, experiences and passion, to meet a common target; to create exemplary mobility products, built to superior standards.

The belief that high quality products make all the difference to users in day to day life, represents the guideline for every Aria® product.

“We started developing our project presuming that Mobility is a right, and everyone should benefit from it equally. Mobility products, regardless of who the final user is, deserve the same care during the project phase, as well as in the aesthetic and technological research. No difference should exist between products for people with normal abilities and products for those with diverse abilities.”

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