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GTM1 wheelchair is a stylish and affordable, entry-level chair

Lightweight, durable wheelchairs for active lifestyles

The team of skilled GTM engineers take all individual requests complete with specific measurements and create a 3D technical image, using design software. Once your design is approved, there are several checkpoints prior to mechanical engineers creating your perfect solution.

Once assembled and approved, your chair is expedited to Cyclone and our team of engineers ensure the build fits the exact specification. Customers are then invited to Cyclone’s showroom to collect their brand new, bespoke wheelchair.

GTM and Cyclone together, provide you with the ultimate tailor-made solution.

GTM Mustang is an entry level, tailor-made wheelchair that oozes style and stability. It is expertly designed to guarantee comfort, style and functionality

Designed by Disabled People, for Disabled People

GTM design and manufacture tailor made wheelchairs for users with active, often sporty lifestyles. Using advanced technology, GTM products are designed and produced by disabled people, for disabled people.

Every wheelchair is built to order, with careful consideration being given to the exact specification and requirements of the user.  It’s this precise focus and attention to detail that guarantee GTM customers quality and satisfaction.

All GTM product components are made from high quality materials, selected only after passing rigorous tests. GTM wheelchairs are made from carefully selected lightweight components, the result of which is a highly effective, ULTRA light wheelchair that offers effortless mobility and maximum comfort.

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