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Batec Hybrid

How does it work?

The Batec Hybrid is a handbike that attaches to a wheelchair to create a three-wheeled vehicle. Users move around propelled by their arms, but there is also a battery attached, giving you the option of a power assisted handbike journey.

To get started, the handbike is attached to a wheelchair. Once the two parts have been joined, we have a three-wheeled vehicle. The seat is the wheelchair seat and transmission and traction is on the front wheel.

To operate the handbike, just activate its transmission by pedalling with your hands or pressing on the accelerator. This will provide traction to the front wheel.

Handbike with Power Assist Setting

The Batec Hybrid handbike is the best of both worlds. It has an electrical power assist setting that supports your healthy physical exercise regime, that only comes into play when triggered or a pre-determined speed is reached. The assisted power setting can be adjusted to meet your individual needs.

The Batec Hybrid Benefits

The Batec Hybrid is attractive, practical and useful in every-day situations. Its great for doing recreational activities and sport.  It comes with adjustable product configuration which means users can go on longer and more complicated trips, than with just a standard wheelchair alone. The Batec increases independence and autonomy.

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